Independent Monitoring & Evaluation Services

We have expertise for conducting Independent evaluation of effectiveness of health and social services program. Our expertise in the field of Monitoring and evaluation covers studies for user satisfaction and surveys to determine the Knowledge, attitudes and practice of target population and also conduct surveys to establish program baselines.

Our evaluation capabilities include the use of both quantitative and qualitative methods. Strategies include pre- and post-intervention surveys, focus groups, structured interviewing and case studies. We also have the expertise to conduct outcome evaluations and process evaluations, as well as needs assessments, and offer Evaluation Support Services.

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Epidemiology and Disease survellance

(including HIV/AIDS/STIs) Our Eipidemiology and Survellance programs is designed to cover a wide range of study designs, populations, endpoints and exposures. Our Epidemiological research experience includes the design of population based control studies, hospital based case control studies, population prevallence and nested case control studies.

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Survey Research

CR has experience in all aspects of survey research and follows “ best practices” including careful design of survey samples, exact accounting for every sampled case, quality control throughout data collection and handling and full disclosure of methods.

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Immunization Coverage Survey

Immunization coverage surveys is one area CR has gannard a wide range of experience. From project design to report writing using agreed indicators is what we have conducted over time.

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Health Mapping

We as well have experience in the use and application of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Health Mapper in Public Health to determine geographic distribution of diseases, analyzing spatial and temporal trends,mapping populations at risk, stratifying risk factors, assessing resource allocation, planning target interventions and monitoring diseases and interventions overtime.

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Data Management

CR has developed data handling systems and procedures and has designed databases and data management systems for dozens of surveys. For Data Mangment, CR uses Microsoft Access and its native programming Language – Visual Basic for Applications. CR also uses Epi Info for its Biostatics Analysis, SPSS, WinCosas,CS Pro and many other DBMS and Statistical Software Applications.

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Data Analysis and Reporting

Working from a Clean Database, CRN Programmers have the capability to construct an SAS-based analysis file which includes study variables, base samples weights and non-response adjustment weights. Preliminary standard error estimates and chi-square for all variables cross-classified by selected independent variables are usually computed using our in-house statistical packages. We have the capability to write analytical reports of
survey findings for deferent kinds of survey. Anthropological and other social, economic research.

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Questionaire Design

Our experts have wide range of experience in questionnaire design. Collectively CR has design questionnaires for diverse targets populations including HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria Surveys, Immunization coverage surveys, simple program evaluation questionnaires etc.

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Corporate Training

We conduct training in a wide range of Areas including Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Beheviour Change Communication, Data Management and Statistical Analysis amongst other programme based Trainings.

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National Public Procurement Integrity Survey

Public Procurement, especially at the lower level, is believed to be one of the principal areas where corruption in Nigeria takes place, although the extent of the problem and the areas where it is most prevalent are unknown. With the Anti-corruption crusade of the Jonathan Administration,
it has become necessary to carry out a National Public Procurement Integrity Baseline Survey to deal with emerging issues and to update, with respect to the area of public procurement, the findings of the previous Surveys and act as a baseline against which all movements in the implementation of public procurement reforms will be measured.

The Survey which is proposed to be conducted on a similar basis to the National Integrity Survey will be focused on perceptions of corruption in public procurement and disposal at Agencies, Departments and Ministries levels. .
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Health Management Information Systems

We also assists organizations to strengthen their Information Response System for efficient response by generating timely, accurate, reliable data and feedback mechanism. Experts' consultants of CR have offices in Abuja and within the six zones of the countries. Consultants also have wide spread experience in Africa, Europe and the Americans. It has also collaborative linkages with specialized agencies of international repute based in other African countries, Europe and America.

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Biometric Solutions

Continental Research has the engineering applications of biometric technologies for identification or security applications. We do not only explore how engineers incorporate biometric technologies into products, but also explores the challenges of engineers who must weigh privacy, security and other issues when designing a system. Biometric Sub-System/
Programme Development and Support: With our reservoir of experts and consultants from across the world, Continental Research support Government, NGOs and Private Organization in programme conception, design and implementation. These programmes include amongst others:

  1. • Agricultural Programme aimed towards youth empowerment and poverty alleviation.
  2. • Employment Generation and Strategic budget design and implementation
  3. • Programme Tracking and Monitoring Project Planning
  4. • Programme Evaluation
  5. • Programme Costing, cost analysis and return-on-investment.
  6. • Women empowerment programme and small scale project support.
  7. • Child education and gender main streaming.
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Software Development & Network Solutions

Continental Research Nigeria Ltd has facilities that provides ideal and exclusive environment for creative and skilled professionals engaged in software development and networking (fibre optics, wifi, LAN, WLAN and BTS). Scientifically designed and fully networked, the workspace is complete with all support services and amenities. With the best software and hardware environments coupled with state-of-the-art communication facilities, the centres are fully equipped to work as virtual extensions of clients' environment, providing 24x7 services.
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