It includes but not limited to defining and locating target populations, designing data collection instruments and procedures, including informed consent procedures. We also cover development and design of measures, sample design and selection, site selection and recruitment, case and control tracing and tracking, design of data collection instruments, and design and implementation of data collection protocols, including biological specimen collection, handling and storage.

1. National Consultants to MDG's on Monitoring and Evaluations of projects and programmes 2010 - 2014

2. National Immunization Coverage Survey 2010.

8. National Immunization Coverage Survey 2006.

4. UNICEF IPD's Data Management at the LGA's in Nigeria 2012.

5. World Bank Booster Project , Baseline Survey on Malaria in Nigeria, 2007.

6. Development of Monitoring & Evaluation Guideline for National Immunization Program and Training Program, 2007.

7. Mapping of Agriculture in Abia State, South East, Nigeria. 2006.

8. Development of Monitoring and Evaluation Instruments : Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS Program in Nigeria.

9. 2006 Development of Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and Indicators for Health Sector Reform Response to HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.

10. 2005 Design of Research Protocol, Field Work, Statistical Analysis, Interpretation and Reporting.

11. Federal Ministry of Health 2005 National HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Survey.

12. Writing Country Report, Monitoring Declaration of Commitment through UNGASS indicators, UNAIDS, Nigeria, 2003.

13. Gombe State Nigeria using DBASE III on DOS Environment.

14. Global Fund Geneva, Assessment of CRN itical Investment Portfolio and Health System.

15. International Finance Corporation Monitoring and Evaluation of Rural Telephone Project.

16. World Bank and Central Bank of Nigeria, Study of Rural Finance in Nigeria, 1995.

17. African Economic Research Consortium: Non-Bank Financial Institution in Nigeria: Structure, Growth and Impact, 1994.



Information/Research Laboratory at SITDEC


Surveillance Department at SITDEC

Servers and switches at the data centre

The Data centre

3.8m Earth Station installed

Data Coding and verification Exercise during NICS Project Implementation

Point –to-multipoint broadcast on a 200m mast

Project Commissioning

A Training session during the NICS 2010 Project